About the author

Rob Kail-Dyke

Rob Kail-Dyke is a crime writer based in the South west of england…

He is 65 and was a manager in the education/charity sector for over thirty years before he retired in 2015. He is married with three children and has been writing poetry and short stories as long as he can remember. He now specialises in period-based thrillers, set in atmospheric locations and featuring strong, memorable characters. His favourite writers include: Iris Murdoch, Ian Rankin, James Joyce, Richard Ford, Joseph Conrad, PD James, Dennis Potter and Michael Connolly. Rob is also a a huge music fan and particularly enjoys listening to artists like Van Morrison, Richard Thompson, XTC, Pink Floyd, Yes, Neil Young, John Martyn, Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin, Nick Cave, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles – yes, he’s that sort of age! He has also been known to perform as a singer and guitarist himself – at folk clubs, open mic nights and anywhere else that will have him. He is currently learning to play the saxophone, as his long-suffering wife and neighbours are only too aware. His gripping debut novel, Black Moon Over Malvern, is now available as an eBook and a paperback on Amazon. A sequel, Hell At High Tide (the second Dennis Powell mystery), will be coming out in 2021.