Rob Kail-Dyke is a writer based in the south-west of England. He specialises in period-based thrillers, set in atmospheric locations and featuring strong, memorable characters. His gripping debut novel, Black Moon Over Malvern, is now available as an eBook and a paperback on Amazon.

The first Dennis Powell mystery: Black Moon Over Malvern – now available on Amazon
An unnamed body in a shallow grave… a web of dark secrets… a century’s worth of scores to be settled… 
Malvern, Worcestershire, 1957. Most people assume that the human remains unearthed at Symbiosis House are those of its former owner Mathias Friedman, who disappeared in 1939. However, local reporter Dennis Powell isn’t convinced, so while his police detective brother, Nigel, leads the official investigation into the matter, he uses his journalistic skills to make his own enquiries. As he digs deeper, he begins to suspect that sinister events at Symbiosis House in the 1920s are linked to a controversial episode in his family’s history that his troubled father has always refused to discuss. He also realises that the questions he’s asking are starting to upset some very dangerous people who will go to any lengths to stop him asking any more. As the final piece of the jigsaw slots into place, Dennis’ shadowy adversaries strike and he finds himself trapped and fighting for his life. What is this murky business that Dennis has stumbled across and who feels so strongly about it that they’re prepared to kill to stop the truth coming to light?

“a page turning thriller … I couldn’t put the book down”

5 star Amazon Review

And coming soon, the second Dennis Powell Mystery: Hell At High Water
July 1958: Dennis has travelled from Malvern to Weston-super-Mare to spend a few quiet days with his old friend and colleague Julian Croft. Soon after he arrives however, the bodies of a man and a dog turn up on a lonely beach and mysteriously the army is called in to secure the site. On top of that, the regular comings and goings of low-flying helicopters; the sinister activities of an oddball religious sect and Julian’s ever-darkening state of mind threaten to turn the restful break he’d been hoping for into a maelstrom of death and destruction…

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